- - - 8/13/2020 - - -

Dinosaur Dress

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Melina dressed up in her favorite dress and went around the house and yard telling me to take pictures. Here are two of the nicer ones:

- - - 7/17/2020 - - -

Swallowtail Butterfly #5

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- - - 7/11/2020 - - -

New Bug Net Hiking

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Melina wanted a bug net to help her catch even more bugs. So after getting one we went for a small hike in the mountains to see what kinds of bugs we can catch.

A nice dragonfly.

I guess it can also be used to catch fish.

- - - 7/6/2020 - - -

Swallowtail Butterfly #4

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- - - 6/21/2020 - - -

Park and Old House Museum

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I learned about a park that is close to us that has a small museum with an old Japanese house. To get to the house we had to hike up a hill through a beautiful bamboo forest. Melina found a giant grasshopper that she caught and brought with her. Seeing the old large house was pretty interesting as well. Melina got to take a picture with a cosplayer for what I was told is the currently popular anime "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

- - - 2/17/2020 - - -

Melina is 5!

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It seems the whole house turned up to wish Melina a happy birthday. Like last year both Suzuna and I made cakes. This year when I asked Melina what kind of cake she wanted, she said she wanted a rainbow cake so I tried my best. I think it turned out better than I was expecting, but honestly I would rather eat the cake Suzuna made. Melina had a great time, enjoyed both the cakes, and got some Legos, art supplies, and other small toys.

- - - 2/14/2020 - - -

Valentines Day

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My favorite girls in the world made me some great Valentine sweets.

- - - 12/8/2019 - - -

Sankeien Colors

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- - - 10/5/2019 - - -

Sports Day #2

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It is great to see my daughter grow up and get more mature. She was much more involved and exited about the sports day event at her school this year. Last year she dint want to run in the race. This year, although she got off to a slow start, ran as fast as she could. Last year she didnt want to dance. This year she danced and jumped and had lots of fun. It will be interesting to see just how much she grows up by next year.

- - - 4/23/2019 - - -

Praying Mantis Babies

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Melina has had a Praying Mantis egg sack in her bog box for a few months now, and finally today in the morning they all hatched and started crawling all over the bug box. So we took them outside and set them all free in the garden.