- - - 9/30/2012 - - -

Typhoon 17

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Okinawa was hit really hard before it came up to mainland Japan.
Every time my girlfriend goes to Okinawa to visit they are hit by a strong typhoon…

- - - 9/16/2012 - - -

Camping in Tanzawa

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September’s hiking trip was camping in Tanzawa. Although I didnt take many pictures this time it was fun to get out and go camping again. I brought along the s’mores fixings, a must when camping. The following day was hiking to the waterfall.

The usual group.

Our campsite even came with a friendly cat.

The waterfall.

- - - 9/4/2012 - - -

Tokyo Bay Summer cruise

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Tokyo bay summer cruise with some old friend from my guesthouse in Aobadai. Too bad I left my Jinbei in LA.

- - - 9/1/2012 - - -

Mt. Fuji

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My friends and I attempted to climb Mt. Fuji again this year. We made it up to the 8th stage before the weather started to get bad. Hoping it would pass before sunrise the following morning we spent the night in the 8th stage hut. However, the following morning the weather was even worse with lots of wind and rain, and already missing the sunrise decided to head down and try again some other time. Despite not making it to the top this year we all had lots of fun, and vowed to try again next year.

Starting up the ‘Subashiri’ route. The same route I took the very first time I climbed Mt. Fuji.

There is a bee in this picture

It had already started to rain by the 6th stage.