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Chofu Air Show

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One of my old friends from my previous guest house invited me to an air show at Chofu air field. It is not a very big air field and when we go there realized that it was small air show mainly for kids. We enjoyed a short stay there anyway and walked the long way back through Nogawa park to my old guest house. It had been a long time since Ive visited the park and while there we played some toss and frisbee. It had also been a long time since Ive visited my old train station, and although I didnt take pictures it had changed a lot with many new buildings around it.

Many kids playing on the jungle airplane.

There was a short fire and rescue helicopter demonstration as well.

Maybe when I get lots of money and time to get a pilots license, I will get a green plane like this one.

- - - 10/17/2009 - - -

Fig Tart 2009

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The fig tart at my friends cafe seems to get more delicious every year.

- - - 10/12/2009 - - -

Back to Okinawa 2

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The following day my friend and I took a trip up north to a somewhat secret waterfall called Taa-taki. The waterfall is not easy to find and even harder to get to. The path to the waterfall is not a path at all, it is a stream and there is no way to get to the waterfall without getting wet.

On the way we stopped in Motobu to eat some really delicious Okinawa Soba.

The path/steam to the waterfall.

Crossing a log bridge.

The whole area and atmosphere was really like trekking through an uncharted jungle.

The waterfall!

No one else was around, it was our own private swimming ground.

- - - 10/11/2009 - - -

Back to Okinawa 1

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For a three day long weekend in Japan, I decided to go back to Okinawa again. Mainly for two reasons: to take part in the giant tug of war festival again, and to visit my friend. Although it is now autumn and much cooler in Yokohama, it was still hot and humid in Okinawa. Also, being back in Okinawa I really wanted to eat Okinawa Soba again, so I did… every day.

Soki Soba.. this first one was so-so.

The beginning ceremonies of the giant tug-of-war. This was the second time I participated.

There were karate demonstrations

and im not sure what this is called, but one man tries to keep a heavy totem balanced while the others around with sticks catch it if it starts to fall.

Another ceremony. Just like last time. But unlike before, this time I was on the opposite end of the rope.

We pulled and pulled, but this year ended up a tie.

Afterwards, we had more Okinawa Soba. This place was quite good.

Lastly we watched the fireworks. It really still felt like summer.

- - - 10/7/2009 - - -

Yatsugatake Panoramas

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Use your mouse to pan around / Shift: Zoom In - Ctrl: Zoom Out

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My friend and his coworker invited me on another backpacking trip up a mountain. This time is was a two day trip to Yatsugatake, or 8 peaks. There doesnt seem to be 8, but when you get up to the top of Akadake, the tallest one, its still a lot of hiking along a steep ridge to get to the other peaks. On the way up, it was a bit cloudy, but the next day was again windy and amazingly beautiful. Similar to Kitadake, the view from the top was amazing and the hike up as well as down had plenty of surprises and nature.

The start of our climb up Yatsugatake.

The surrounding forest was covered in moss and was incredibly green.

Still about an hour from the peak, but from here it will be a lot more difficult of a climb.

At the top! 2899 meters high. As evening came and the sun went down, we made our dinners and called it a night.

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- - - 10/2/2009 - - -

$ -> ¥

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Wow, it is below 90