- - - 8/30/2014 - - -

Camping at Nishizawa Ravine

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For the three day weekend Suzuna and I took a camping trip to Yamanashi to go hiking up NishisawaKeikoku. I rented a car from the base and we took a nice drive all the way there stopping at a few places along the way there and back. Besides camping and hiking, we went to Maizuru castle in Kofu and went to some grape farms to get freshly picked grapes. Hiking up the ravine was not as easy as we thought, as some ares had the path washed out and there were a few steep or slippery places, but the views were very nice. There were lots of little waterfalls and blue pools of water all the up the hiking course. For dinner we ate Houtou, the famous food in Yamanashi which can be described as flat Udon. On the way back we drove past Mt. Fuji and the Fuji lakes, stopping at the Fuji flower park.

- - - 8/16/2014 - - -

Event at Osanbashi

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A friend told us about a small event in Yokohama about sustainability and nature. Besides the typical organic foods and such, there were a lot of workshops set up. I cut my own coasters from a tree log, and Suzuna and I made postcards out of seaweed.

- - - 8/3/2014 - - -

Sand Art Exhibition

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A small sand art exhibition came to Yokohama, so I took Suzuna to go see it.

Unagi Day

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As I do every year, I met my old Japanese teacher for Unagi day. I didnt get a good picture of her this year, but the unagi was delicious.

- - - 8/2/2014 - - -

Robot Restaurant

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My coworkers had talked about this place a while ago but, being all the way in Tokyo and a little expensive, I never really had the opportunity to go until now. I wasnt quite sure what to expect, even though I had seen many pictures of the place, and honestly it is one of those places that is really hard to describe. Although the name says restaurant, there really isnt much food served and is more of a show than anything else. There were some nice female dancers, and robots, and loud music, and special effects, and.. well I recommend that if you can you go see it… once.