- - - 10/31/2015 - - -

Halloween Party

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Halloween party 2015. Everyone made some great Halloween themed foods again this year. Melina also had some fun making pumpkins, and being a little devil. I tried my hand at making a bloody brain cake this year, and for my first time at it I was pretty proud of the results.

- - - 10/18/2015 - - -

Kanazawa Zoo

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It was a nice quiet Sunday, so I took the wife and child to the local zoo. Although it is close to where I live and I have hiked past the zoo many times, I have never been inside to see the animals until now. It was built on a hill, so there is a lone walk up and down to see all the animals. Melina liked the elephants, but was way more interested in pulling the leaves off of the nearby flowers than the animals.

- - - 10/17/2015 - - -

Melina Eight Months

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- - - 10/12/2015 - - -

Watane Ichi #8

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The 8th Watane Ichi and Suzuna decided to set up shop again. Melina had lots of fun pulling grass, playing with bugs, and helping to attract customers.

Suzuna’s homemade bath salts, cream, and soaps:

Other shops:

Melina had lots of fun

- - - 10/3/2015 - - -

Candles in the Park

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The yearly candle night at my local park. I tired to get some pictures of Melina, but I think I need a better camera.