- - - 6/30/2013 - - -

Game Day, July

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For this game day I played four games:

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Shadow Hunters


This one, although not even in English, was a great game. There was an interesting system for game play and different possible strategies. There are no dice, so it really is all about how you play the game. Also, maybe I am partial to this one because I won ;)

- - - 6/29/2013 - - -

Amateur Wrestling

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Near my station they set up a wrestling rink and held an amateur wrestling show. There was also a comedy duo and a drum performance. I live at a very small station so I was surprised to see such an event. Still, it was my first time to see live wrestling and they put on a pretty good show!

- - - 6/16/2013 - - -

Knife Sharpener

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On the weekends, near my house, there is an nice, talkative old man that sits at a small stand and sharpens knives. I brought him my knife that needed some sharpening, and when I got it back I took it home and made some Japanese curry. The knife cut through all the vegetables and chicken with the slightest of pressure. The Japanese really know how to make things really sharp!

- - - 6/15/2013 - - -


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On the way back from Saturday soccer, I found another snake (aodaisho)! I pet it a few times and it went through a fence and took refuge in a bush.

- - - 6/2/2013 - - -

Game Day, June

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This first of the month’s game day I played:

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

King of Tokyo


- - - 6/1/2013 - - -

French Concert

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My friend from France was volunteering at the opening ceremony of the beginning of the French sponsored France Month in Yokohama. Some friends and I went to eat some free French foods and watch a strange, but good, French concert.

My friend from France.

Full soccer match in Chiba

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It had been a long time since I played a full 11 a side match. My legs hurt at the end of the game. The final score was 2 to 2.