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The second part of the trip was visiting Georgia. We got a new bus, a new guide, and a look at a completely different county. Even though Georgia is neighbors with Azerbaijan the differences in people, culture, and architecture were outstanding. Our first night was in Sighnaghi, a small walled town in the hills where we learned about the local wine farmers, did some zip lining, and drove an ATV all around the town. The next day we visited David Gareja caves, a rock-hewn monastery carved into a desert mountain. After that we headed off to the capital of Tbilisi. This had to have been my favorite city on the trip. It was a nice city with a river running through it with beautiful churches, old architecture, modern buildings, interesting street art, and friendly people. We visited the major sites and also checked out the botanical gardens, went into and bathed in the old sulfur baths, and wandered through a closed amusement park at night to see the views.

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