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Halloween Party 2018

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- - - 10/20/2018 - - -

Camping and trout fishing

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We decided to go camping again before it got too cold. There is a nice campground that I highly recommend around the Tanzawa mountain range that is located along a river. The river is also stocked with rainbow trout and for a fee you can rent a pole and try to catch as many fish as you want. You then take the fish you caught back to your campsite and cook them over your fire. There is also a small hiking path up to a nice waterfall. In the summer, you can also go swimming in the river but it was way too cold by the time we went, so we just had fun throwing rocks.

- - - 10/6/2018 - - -

Sports Day

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Sports day at my daughters preschool.

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Shichi-Go-San Pictures:

- - - 9/23/2018 - - -

Hiking and Crabs

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South towards the end of the peninsula there is a short hiking trail that ends at the ocean. Once near the ocean, along the trail you can search for and try to catch crabs, with the red clawed variety being famous in the area.

- - - 9/1/2018 - - -

Animals Art and Beach

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We went back to the Yokosuka museum of art to check out the Animals exhibit. This time we also walked down to the beach for some fun in the water.

- - - 8/30/2018 - - -

Charter Fishing

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I got to go charter fishing with a group from work. In all the time I have been in Japan, I think this was the first time I have been out fishing on a boat. We caught many red rock fish (Kasago) and a few miscellaneous other fish as well. I had a great time, although it was a very windy day and the waves were actually pretty rough once we got out. The fish were taken home, cleaned, battered, and deep fried or just salted and grilled.

- - - 8/25/2018 - - -

Pototo chips and Fireworks

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Not many things are better than watching fireworks while eating lots of potato chips.