- - - 6/11/2021 - - -

Tyler 100 Days

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Tyler has made it to 100 days! We had the traditional 100 day foods and pretended to feed him.

Melina 100 Days

- - - 6/3/2021 - - -

Tyler 3 Months

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- - - 5/31/2021 - - -

Kamogawa Farm Stay

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We went out to the middle of nowhere Chiba to visit our friends farm. We had been meaning to visit for a really long time but had never had the chance up to now. It was a nice relaxing weekend walking around the farm picking "oranges"[夏みかん], Mulberries, and Biwa. We got to play with their three cats and one dog and visited the nearby famous step rice fields.

- - - 5/29/2021 - - -

Sports Day [1st Grade]

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At Melina’s elementary school they have the annual sports day near the beginning of the school year rather than the traditional Autumn season. Also for precautionary measures the format for the sports day and the events were changed. Out of the 6 grades, the sports day was split into two halves with the lower 3 grades doing their events followed by the upper 3 grades. This way only about half the parents were watching at a time. Lastly, some of the more traditional events were removed which left only social distanced dancing events and the ever important racing events. Still, it was better than nothing and it was a joy to see Melina dance and run as fast as she could.

- - - 5/9/2021 - - -

Mothers Day

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For mothers day, Melina and I got up early to make her a special breakfast. We made chocolate waffles and a chocolate milkshake with some extra chocolate on the side.

- - - 5/3/2021 - - -

Tyler 2 Months

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- - - 4/7/2021 - - -

First day of Elementary School

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I dont remember my first day of elementary school, but in Japan it is a big deal where the kids and parents get dressed up and go to a small ceremony welcoming the kids to school and to meet their new teacher. Melina seemed a bit exited to go to school but also a bit nervous, luckily one of Melina’s friends from her preschool was in her same class.

- - - 4/4/2021 - - -

Easter 2021

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For Easter this year we did all the usual things. Unfortunately, I was unable to procure a large ham for dinner but I still made Easter bread and Polish Easter soup. Melina colored Easter Eggs and the kids did an egg hunt in the back yard. Melina also decorated Easter cookies and set up a small shop to sell her cookies and other Easter sweets to other members of the house.