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Mt. Kujyu

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Mt. Nakadake in the Kujyu mountain range is the highest peak in the Kyushu island of Japan.
As Suzuna and Melina were participating in other events, I had the day to myself to go climbing.
The range has a few mountain peaks all fairly close to each other, and my goal was to climb them all.
On the way up, it was windy and I was hiking in the clouds. However, when I made it to the top of the first peak [Mt. Kujyu] the clouds lifted and the weather was beautiful.
1. Mount Kujū (1,787 m
2. Mount Inahoshi (1,774 m)
3. Mount Nakadake (1,791 m)
4. Mount Hōsshō (1,762 m)


  1. I tried looking up all 4 peaks on the map and they seem to be very far away from each other. How far did you have to travel to make all 4 peaks in one day. Did you use some transportation along the trip?

    Comment by ClimberDad — 11/18/2017 @ 11:47 pm
  2. Total 6 hours.
    Yes, my feet.

    Comment by Andy — 11/20/2017 @ 3:24 am

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