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Happy Flower Beach Party

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October 28, I rode my scooter 40 kilometers up to Nago to go to a bach party. It takes a long time to go 40 kilometers on a scooter, but I have to admit that it was better than a car. I could feel wind in my face and was able to see all the nature around me as I went. I made a few stops on the way as well. I stopped at Manzamo again, as well as took a hike to Todoroki Falls. At the falls there were a lot of boys diving off the rock and playing in the bottom of the falls. I also took a detour to a natural bread shop and cafe.
Once I made it to the beach I was quite surprised. I didnt take any pictures but if you can imagine lots of Japanese hippies all wearing hippie clothes relaxing on the beach or dancing near the stage. There were bands playing all kind of music and even a tap dancer, and people playing ethnic instruments like drums, didgeridoo, and other things I have never seen. There were lots of tents and a few teepees set up around, and lots of small food and other shops set up as well. My friend also had a shop set up which I helped with. The bands played until about 11pm, at which point small groups formed and small music sessions, talking, fire dancing, ect went on until the morning.


  1. Do they have Vivaldi parties as well?

    Comment by LT — 11/23/2007 @ 4:32 pm
  2. heh

    Comment by Ken — 11/24/2007 @ 7:40 am
  3. Todoroki falls? not the same as Hiji falls?

    Comment by Annya — 11/25/2007 @ 1:50 am

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