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Well I have moved back to the Tokyo area.. Actually closer to Yokohama this time, but more on where I live later. I have been frantically searching for a job for the last few weeks and now have to make a choice, especially keeping in mind that my current visa will expire in 2 weeks.
1) Take a position as an English teacher again, this time as an ALT for an elementary school. The pay is decent, and I will get a long and paid summer and winter vacation. It will be an easy job as I just get to play with kids all day. However, I will have to get up early every day and be at school by 8:30am. Also, it will be one more year of computer and IT experience that I wont get.
2) Although I have not yet received an offer, I can continue to search for an IT related job. I have had some interviews and will have some second interviews this week, but there are no guarantees. The pay will be higher and I will be able to save more. I will gain more computer related experience and get to increase my skill set. I will get to work in a Japanese environment and practice my Japanese every day. However, there will likely be a lot of overtime work. I may not get an IT job that really interests me and hate everyday at work, or 2 weeks may pass and I may not get a job at all.

It is time to decide. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Email is also welcome.