- - - 11/12/2008 - - -

Fujikyu Highlands

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The next day in Kawaguchiko after a nice morning walk, my friend and I went to Fujikyu Highlands - The Japanese equivalent of Six Flags Magic Mountain. My first impression was that the park was quite small yet with very long lines. The park has three main roller coasters: Fujiyama [similar to Goliath], EeJaNaiKa [An exact clone of X], and Dodonpa [Similar to Superman the ride]. There are some other interesting attractions, but the paranoid Japanese close almost all at the slightest hint of rain. I rode Fujiyama and EeJaNaiKa but missed out on Dodonpa. I really didnt mind, having been to Magic Mountain so many times, one of the biggest roller coaster parks in the world, I guess am a bit spoiled. Still, it was a fun and interesting experience and would like to go back to try the rides I missed. Oh, and the haunted house there is supposedly pretty famous.