- - - 12/13/2008 - - -

Candle Night and Kobukuro

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A friend invited me to a candle night concert in the park to promote awareness for the environment and excessive usage of energy. It was a small but nice event with some singers and candles all over the area. There were also some little shops, natural food stands, and a place where you could make your own candle.

However, as we were walking back to the station we came across two people also singing near the park. The two people looked very much like a famous Japanese band "Kobukuro” and singing the songs very well. In fact, as we sat up close listening and based on the crys of passing people and huge crowd that slowly formed, we realized that they were the very famous band giving a free spontaneous concert in the park. I really enjoyed the music, and have to say that I really admire the band, as even though they are extremely famous will still go back to where many aspiring artists are and sing their music for all that happen to be passing by.