- - - 11/15/2009 - - -


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Another beautiful weekend for mountain climbing. I invited a friend of mine to go climb Tounodake, the second highest mountain in the Tanzawa area. I have climbed many of the other mountains in the Tanzawa area with my hiking club, but have never gotten to Tounodake before. It had been over a year since I climbed Mt. Takao with my friend, and since then he too has started to climb many other mountains. It was great chance to show my friend the Tanzawa area and also finally climb Tounodake.
From the top of Tounodake, the view of the surrounding area is amazing, especially on days like the one we climbed where the air was cool and very clean. Pictures can not describe just how far you can see, from Mt. Fuji to Tokyo, Yokohama, and even Saitama and Chiba. Also, the Fall colors were in full bloom.