- - - 3/7/2010 - - -

New Green Phone

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After 5 and a half years of using the same phone, I was finally forced
to get a new one. The reason being that Japan is moving to a completely
3G phone network, and phasing out the old analog one. Quite interesting
noting the fact that the US still has minimal 3G service in most places.

My new, green, phone has a lot of new features and gizmos. There is of
course mail, games, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, a video recorder, MP3
player and Video player(using a micro SD card), bar code/business card
reader, calender, schedule, alarms, and all the other basic features,
but there is also a built in TV (Absolutely free to watch) with built in
programming guide. There is also a Japanese-English / English-Japanese /
Japanese-Japanese dictionary that is pretty handy. Browsing the internet
is also very fast, and I still havent used the IM or blogging features.
All that is really missing is a GPS, but it finds my general location
anyway (within a few Kilometers). There are other features, but I think
most I will never use.

Anyway, its still not quite comparable to an iPhone, but it was free so
I really dont care. Also, my monthly fee is only about $30. I still like
my old phone, but I think I can get used to this new one pretty soon.