- - - 3/4/2012 - - -

Snowboard at Grandeco

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Some of my hiking friends and I took a 2-day snowboard trip to Grandeco in Fukushima. It had been three years since I last went snowboarding, so I was very out of practice. I was also extra careful not to get injured like last time, but I still ended up with quite a few bruises. The weather was nice both days and we were able to get plenty of boarding in as it was not very crowded.
We stayed the night at a Japanese ryokan in Nakanosawa Hot Springs village. It was a fairly cheap ryokan, but the food was decent and the hot springs was great. Plus, there was a sweets shop right across the street.


All ready to start

At the top


In the Ryokan

Start of day two

Day two was absolutely beautiful