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Ume Flowers and Snow Hiking

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For this month’s mountain we went down to Yugawara and started our hike by walking through a plum garden and enjoying the blossoms. The hike up the top was not too hard and the lunch at the top was great as usual. The plan was to go to the next peak over and then down the mountain, however due to the amount of snow on the ground it didn’t quite go as planned. Along the way we lost the path and had to make our own up the mountain. Trudging knee deep in snow we finally found another path and followed it. When we finally made it to the top were we had a good view, we realized that we completely bypassed the mountain we intended to go to and made it to the top of the following peak. Still, the view was great and I really enjoyed the whole exploring unknown paths through the snow aspect.


  1. It is March 26, and my Japanese Plum trees have not bloomed yet. Maybe rain in Los Angeles is needed?

    Comment by GardenDad — 3/27/2014 @ 9:53 am

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