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Busyness list

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It has been a long time since I have posted anything with the main reason being that I have been busy. Why you might ask? Here is a list:

1) My college friend Jeff stayed with me for a week as he was visiting Japan.
2) During my day off, Jeff and I went to Nikko.
3) We also got hooked to the DrumMania game while at a game center in Shinjuku.
4) I went to work the rest of the week, and taught some devil children.
5) This entire week the network here has been up and down, which has been annoying me!
6) On Saturday, the biggest typhoon all year hit Tokyo. I bet you can guess what I was doing :)
7) On Sunday I will go to Yokohama to visit a friend for two days.

So, there is the list. There is a lot more stuff that I have done over the last week, but I just can’t remember everything. You may get pictures, it all depends on this damn network and the amount of time I have.


  1. We’re gonna have to meet up sometime and relay stories. I’ve got so many to tell…and devil children, eh?

    Comment by Jenn — 10/10/2004 @ 10:09 pm

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