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Here are some of the random pictures I have taken in Shinjuku.

One of the many giagantic monitors on buildings in Shinjuku

I took this picture around Takashiyama Square in the rain at night.

ShinJuku has massive displays of neon light at night. This is just a little bit of what can be found here.

Some more neon lights

I think there are trying to sell something, but I am not sure why they are using a character that uses many of the Japanese sterotypes. Any comments on this one?

And I also found a Pfizer building here


  1. Did you see dinosaurs on the monitor? Is that BigBen+Empire state building in Takashiyama Squre?
    What stereotypes? That’s how we are. That was even my hair cut until 1999. I don’t think he was selling; just trying to scare you away. There’s a new anti-gaijin conspiracy in development. It involves taking characters from hollywood 80’s movies like Gung Ho and raising their arms at gaijin at the train stations.
    Did you go in the Pfizer building for some viagra? You might need some sudafed at least for all the neon lights

    Comment by Ken — 5/11/2004 @ 5:21 am

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