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Cell phone?

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While most other people would have gotten a cell phone by now I have been delaying it. Seeing that I have an internet connection where I live, I figured that I could just send emails for now. Anyway, the cell phone system works completely differently over here. I, of course, shouldn’t even need to mention that the Japanese cell phones are way beyond what we have in the states. I mean their free phones, the ones that they give away with any plan come with a huge color screen, text messaging, email, games, tons of little anime graphics and pictures, tons of different tones and options, alarm clock, calendar and schedule, it also gives you the weather report, the train schedules (which is insanely useful), and web access for free. Did I mention that the free phone also comes with one of those digital cameras? And if you actually want to pay for a phone, the amount of options seems to me to be endless. Also, you can pay for the service by the month with absolutely no cancellation fee. If you don’t want it any more, you just cancel it and you’re done. They also use all the minutes roll over feature that some of the American companies have. But unlike all the American companies all incoming calls are free.
This is a free phone?
The Free Phone

Ok, I have told you enough about the phones… The cost of the plan is the only thing that is stopping me from getting a phone. The plans start at around $35/month and go up to about $1oo/month. That includes all of the features I described to you. I don’t remember how much I paid for the phone in the states, but I know I did not use it very much. So, I was wondering if I should get a phone knowing that I am not a talkative person. There are good and bad points to having a cell phone as well.

So, I leave it up to you. Should I get a cell phone?

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  1. is there a pay fone nearby? just give ppl at work that number

    Comment by Ken — 5/14/2004 @ 8:24 pm
  2. i saw a deer taking a slumber on the side of the road tonight.

    "You must be careful in the meadow…”

    Comment by Ken — 5/14/2004 @ 8:26 pm
  3. if the humidity wasn’t so high sometimes, tokyo might have excellent flying weather. But you need to post barametric pressure and dewpoint.

    Comment by Ken — 5/14/2004 @ 8:28 pm
  4. barometric

    Comment by Ken — 5/14/2004 @ 8:29 pm
  5. just to have one at 8:30

    Comment by Ken — 5/14/2004 @ 8:30 pm
  6. Cell phones will fry your brain!

    What percentage of what your making is that $35/month? I guess another way to look at it is…if you have something else you’d rather spend $35 on, then you can do without it.

    Comment by Lenny — 5/15/2004 @ 11:37 am
  7. It’s not like that $35 is 10% of his gross earnings (does japan have taxes?). Andy, you’ll be making more than you’ll know what to do with for the moment. I’d open an account in the Caymans so when you retire you can fake the $842,000 purchase of an island property and use it to pay an Insider in Hong Kong to break a friend out of prison.

    Comment by Ken — 5/16/2004 @ 6:48 pm
  8. When I was in Korea, a cell phone would have been very useful, but I didn’t get one and relied on pay phones, but I would run out of change. I would reccomend: yes. Then again, I went out a lot and had a lot of people to call [edit].

    Comment by Emily — 5/17/2004 @ 1:43 pm
  9. Some of my friends pay more than ¥10,000/month for their cell phones, others pay less than ¥2,500/month. The cost depends on how you use it, and I’m sure you can find cheaper one. Even if it covers only simple functions, a cell phone will be of great use. So, my answer is yes.

    Comment by Takeshi — 5/17/2004 @ 8:39 pm
  10. That settles it… I am now going to get a cell phone. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

    Comment by Andy — 5/18/2004 @ 1:24 am
  11. You could try one of the Y5,000 phones you can get at a convenience store . . . Check it out for a month and see if it comes in handy. As you make more friends in town I suspect that it will. I just sent you an email . . . check it out and shoot me a message/call when you get a chance! –Peter

    Comment by Durf — 5/22/2004 @ 8:02 am
  12. cell phone, who needs a cell phone, internet access is something else. always need internet access to find anything\ like dimsum in oakland

    Comment by louis — 5/24/2004 @ 11:18 pm

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