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This year for my winter vacation I wanted to go somewhere but I didn’t really know where. Finally, 2 weeks before my vacation began, I bought a ticket to Taiwan. As Japan is having one of the coldest years in about 30 years I wanted to go someplace warm. New Zealand and Australia were too far and expensive, and I’m also not a relax-on-a-beach type person, so I settled on Taiwan. I left on the 25th, Christmas day, and came back on January 4th, the day before I started work again. That left me with a total of 8 whole fun filled days in Taiwan.
I spent the first 6 days traveling around the country in a big circle, and spent New Years Eve and the last 2 in Taipei. The things that impressed me most about Taiwan were the people, food, temples, food, nature, history, and food. I ate an amazing variety of foods and sweets, and all were very good. The people were very friendly and always talkative and helpful. The temples and history seen in them were very interesting to see as well. Taiwan’s nature and scenery is purely amazing. Taiwan has over 200 mountains that are over 3000 meters high, many of which are higher than Mt. Fuji.
I am working on the photo gallery at this moment, but until I get it finished here are some highlights…


  1. Nice.

    Comment by lt — 1/8/2006 @ 1:38 pm
  2. It is a photograph. I was pretty and was surprised generally. I love the very first photograph. I am worth seeing.You moved a lot.
    See you next….

    Comment by Yoko Goto — 1/8/2006 @ 6:28 pm

    it looks like you enjoyed the food three times as much as everything else. Did you jump from that old man’s sword?

    Comment by Ken — 1/8/2006 @ 8:25 pm

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