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Sumo Exhibition at Yasukuni

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Quite a while back I went to Yasukuni Shrine to see the cherry blossoms. While I was there I noticed a sign for a free sumo tournament/exhibition. Excitedly, I waited and went back the next week to see it. There were lots and lots of people there and it was set up just like a regular sumo tournament with the beginners in the morning followed by the intermediates and then finally the big guys. It was great to see these people in person and in action live. On TV they really don’t look as big as they really are. These guys really know how to throw people around. To quote a recent article in the newspaper here “A burglar got his comeuppance when he mistakenly broke into the living quarters of 30 apprentice sumo wrestlers, one of whom sat on him until the police came.” In the afternoon it started to get really crowded when it was time for the professionals. All the famous people I see on TV were there, even Asashoryu the current Yokozuna or Grand Master of Sumo. I am still bound to go to an actual tournament but until I do, this was a great experience as well.

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  1. Are they professional sumo wretlers? Pretty cool. :)

    Comment by Eiji — 4/30/2006 @ 10:07 pm
  2. What do sumo wrestlers and school teachers have in common? The answer is in Freakanomics :)

    Comment by Ken — 5/2/2006 @ 9:42 pm
  3. You probably already know, but I think the place I went to go see sumo was in Ryogoku, which is two stops east of Akihabara, off of the Sobu line.

    Comment by Jenn — 5/11/2006 @ 10:47 pm

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