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First Day

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I had my first day of actual teaching today. To be honest, it was quite fun. I am going to get paid lots of money just by simply talking to Japanese people all day. This is a great job. Not to mention that ECC gives me a lot of days off too. They are even giving me an expense paid business trip up north to Utsunomiya.
On a side note, I start taking a Japanese class tomorrow. So, while I am here I get to eat lots of Japanese food, learn Japanese (the classes are free of charge), play basketball (I signed up for a local basketball club), and get paid solely for talking to Japanese people.

It doesn’t get any better than this.


  1. so it is all downhill from today?

    Comment by louis — 5/24/2004 @ 11:23 pm
  2. a full fridge would be nice

    Comment by Ken — 5/25/2004 @ 5:55 pm
  3. Glad you’re enjoying things. There will be a downside, eventually, but hopefully the upsides like these new discoveries will outweigh it considerably. Hope to hear form you when you get a phone lined up!

    Comment by Durf — 5/27/2004 @ 3:03 am
  4. My son just left this AM from LAX to Japan to teach with ECC too. He is the one who told me about your blog said you have some pictures of Koganei I would like to see. I’m sorta more interested in talking to your Mom and see how she dealt with her son being so far away.
    Well I’ll keep looking everything looks cool so far. hey I even saw some ship in SD harbor that I saw on my honeymoon…..39 years ago! Wow!
    Peace, out.

    Comment by Kate — 6/3/2008 @ 4:18 pm

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