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Path to Work

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Here is a short video looking at the little path I take to get to the train station.

Download here - ~1.8MB


  1. What happens at the end of the path? Is there a sign by a road under the trees? Does a giant furry cat with 18 legs and headlights shooting out the eyes come running up to pick you up at night?

    Comment by Ken — 5/24/2004 @ 7:44 pm
  2. Oh there’s audio. Cool. So its been used for many years? maybe a couple centuries then? Or maybe it’s only a couple years old, but people have been using it for many centuries. You sound so excited when you say ‘every day’ too. So this path has one quality of being old and a relaxing way to go to work. Two qualities: old, relaxing, and monotonous. Actually, this path has three qualities of being old, relaxing, monotous, but full of nice trees. Four qualities, damnit. I should start over. I couldn’t tell because of the quality, but was there a statue on the right at the beginning?

    Comment by Ken — 5/24/2004 @ 7:55 pm

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