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Kawagoe Matsuri

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I went to see the Kawagoe festival… well see the festival and pull sweet potatoes out of the ground with my bare hands. Kawagoe is a city in Saitama famous for 2 things, its festival and sweet potatoes, so I got do see both on the same day. The festival was extremely crowded. A large area of the city is used in the festival and the entire area is packed with people, just getting around takes a lot of time and pushing. They all come to see the “dashi” which are the big tower looking things that are pulled though the streets. I too saw the dashi, and ate the festival food, but the thing I really came for was the ‘imohori’ or the digging up of potatoes. Getting through the crowd and seeing the festival took longer than expected, so when we finally arrived at the farm it was mostly dark. However, the old lady took us out anyway and we got to play in the dirt searching for potatoes for a while. It is really fun.

Many many people

A ‘dashi’

He was telling me that his dog was special

Nice lady at the potato farm


  1. A recently completed study states that veggies help keep the brain young; so the more vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to become one.

    Comment by 賢 — 10/29/2006 @ 1:15 am
  2. The dog looks similar to an Australian Kelpie.

    Comment by Kate — 10/30/2006 @ 5:57 pm
  3. Thanks for sharing!

    When I was a child in Sinabi, Okinawa, we had "the sweet potato man”. Kinda like an ice cream man. Came around in a hand drawn cart in the evening with hot sweet potatos wrapped in foil. I miss that!

    Comment by Kathy — 11/22/2006 @ 2:45 pm

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