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Rikugien with Mr Hara

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Since I had returned to Kanto, I got an offer from Mr Hara again to show me around to some of the special places and foods in the area. This time he took me to a famous garden called Rikugien. When we got there we took a little walk and ate matcha and Japanese sweets by the lake. Afterwards we took the free tour of the garden. My Japanese has improved a lot since the last time we met, but the tour was a lot about Japanese history and old famous people that was really difficult for me to understand so it was nice to have some people to translate for me.
After the garden we went out for lunch at Sasanoyuki, which is a very famous and expensive restaurant that only serves dishes made from tofu. We got the course and I enjoyed all the different tofu dishes. Afterwards, we went for dessert in Kameido. On the way we stopped in at Kameido Shrine which is very popular for students who want to pass entrance examinations. Dessert was Kuzu Mochi at Funabashiya. I have had KuzuKiri before but it was my first time to eat Kuzu Mochi and it was really good. I look forward to the next time.


  1. Mmm, looks so good; but have you tried Harakiri?

    Comment by Ken — 5/17/2008 @ 6:06 am
  2. looks delicious! and ken beat me to the pun :-P

    Comment by The josh — 5/17/2008 @ 7:33 am
  3. Tastes good?
    You really like Japanese sweet food.

    Comment by Eiji — 5/19/2008 @ 3:44 pm
  4. What’s the appropriate way to make matcha?

    Comment by Emily — 5/27/2008 @ 11:59 am
  5. Both the garden and matcha look delicious. That matcha powder I picked up from Koots definitely won’t hold a candle to what you had there I’m certain.

    Comment by Jeff — 5/27/2008 @ 10:50 pm

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