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Head Staples

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This is a bit embarrassing… Last week I was teaching a group of students actions in English. I taught sit down, stand up, run, walk, stop, and jump - maybe a little too well. "OK, everyone, now a big jump"and I jumped as high as I could. Little did I realize I was standing directly under a TV stand. My head smashed directly into the stand, I saw many pretty stars, and the next thing I knew I was laying on my back on the floor with all of the students crowding around gaping at their teacher on the floor. It wasnt very painful, but the kids made sure to point at me and yell in Japanese the equivalent of "ewww, hes bleeding”. As I tried to get up the kids, who remembered the English I just taught them, were saying "stop! stop!”. Anyway, I went to the school nurse’s office who disinfected the area. It wasn’t a very bad cut, but the school, fearful of having to take the blame, sent me to the hospital with the nurse.
At the hospital, they disinfected the area again and then, without saying anything, preceded to insert two staples into my head. The stapler, which looked like on of those office staple guns, hurt more than when I actually hit my head. As I tried to explain that my head was not a stack of papers, the doctor smashed the second staple into my head. All he said was to come back in a week so that he can use one of those staple removers on my head.


  1. Ouch! Nice to hear your kids had level heads on them and that they learned something :)
    Please do not post any staple extraction pics!

    Sounds pretty similar to a coworker who’s finger was jammed backward catching a baseball. He had to get an inch long metal rod placed in the center of his finger so the bones would heal properly.

    Comment by Jeff — 6/13/2008 @ 3:05 pm

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