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Okinawa Revisited - part 1

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Since I still dont have a job and my visa will expire at the end of the month, I decided to go back and revisit Okinawa once more before I may have to leave Japan. It was also a good time to go and visit my ;) friend. The first place I went was Chatan to see how it has changed or not changed in the year and a half since I left.

My home for a year - Chatan

Well, I am definitely back in Okinawa again…

On the right is Ken and my old apartment. On the left, where there was nothing, is now some giant new apartment complex under construction.

Heading off to the sea wall, it was low tide so I was able to walk around the tide pools. The two buildings in the background were finally finished after being under construction the entire time I was in Okinawa.

The famous, although I only went there once, Transit Cafe was still there.

American Village also hasnt changed at all.

From the Ferris Wheel, you can see how the new apartment complex dwarfs my old one. Supposedly it will be the largest in Okinawa when it is finished.


A nice view of Araha beach.

Okinawa Food

I went back to Cafe Cactus Eatrip. A strange name but probably the best bagels in Japan.

The bagel sandwiches and other sweets are delicious.

We ate some traditional Okinawan food…

…made sure not to forget to eat Soki Soba…

…and went to another of my favorite shops. Yamaya - Okinawa soba and kimchi.

I tried to go to Inoki Sakaba, but instead there was this place??


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    How are you doing?

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