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Strange Storm

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The weather today was very strange. This morning was extremely hot and humid, but that seems to be what the summers are like in Japan. The strange weather happened when I left for work. As I left my building I heard some really loud thunder but I paid no attention to it as it was still hot and sunny. Half way to the station this amazingly huge drop of water landed in front of me with an audible ‘splash’. Then another huge drop landed a few seconds later. At this point every Japanese person in my sight started frantically running in all directions. I figured since it was still hot and sunny I had nothing to worry about. Within 30 seconds I was suddenly caught in the biggest, most massive downpour I have ever witnessed. I would be completely soaked within 5 seconds had I not ran to the covered walkway towards the station. I walked in safety for about 1 minute but soon came to a crowd of people waiting at the end of the walkway as there is a short stretch of uncovered path to the station. I, already being slightly wet and not wanting to be late for work, made my way past the crowd and calmly and lonely strolled into the downpour. I walked in the immense rain to the station getting extremely wet on the way. What was amusing to me was the fact that every single Japanese person in the area, cowering in some sort of cover, was staring at me with a look of complete confusion, awe, or maybe disgust. I walked into the station as my train arrived, but the strangest weather was to come. As my train was pulling into the station I heard the sound of banging metal only to look to my feet and see hail on the ground. I was completely amazed to see ice falling from the sky in the middle of summer with record temperatures. After picking some up to confirm its existence I went though the waterfall of water and ice to get on the train not able to get wetter than I was. Finally, as the train pulled into the next station the rain was gone and we had a completely sunny hot day again. In Los Angeles we never have such interesting weather. I love Japan.


  1. Hi Andy
    Jarrett just showed me around your website. Very impressive. Sounds like you are having quite the experience of your life. Just wanted to say hello and wish you well. Love, Jackie

    Comment by Jackie Lee — 7/17/2004 @ 2:58 pm
  2. Hehe, I remember the nihonjin looked at you all funny when you were walking through the rain in Kyoto too. They kept trying to offer you umbrellas, and we were all, no he actually prefers this

    Comment by Josh — 7/28/2004 @ 11:07 pm

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