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Okutama Camping

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I went camping for the first time since I have been in Japan. I took the train out to Okutama and meet up with my usual hiking club members. The camp site was not that far from Okutama station along the Nagagawa river and although I have stayed in a tent before when backpacking up mountains, this time was more about making a big camp fire, cooking lots of food, and having fun. We BBQd lots of meat and veggies, made camp soup, and had lots of drinks. Afterwards we set off fireworks and I brought all the ingredients to make smores, which everyone loved of course.
The following morning we built another fire and made toast, bacon and eggs for breakfast. After that it was time to clean up and start our 3+ hour hike to Okutama lake.

Small picture, but this is the river.

Fire building.. the best part of camping.

I have taken this path before but in the other direction and in the Fall.

Okutama Lake


  1. s’more good campin. mmhmm

    Comment by H — 8/31/2011 @ 11:44 pm

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