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Haircut at Takahadafudou

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I haven’t had a haircut since I came to Japan and it was getting quite long. Luckily, I met a friend who was a hairstylist. My friend works in a city called Takahadafudou, which I found difficult to pronounce at first, and I had to take a monorail to get there. I had some free time so I wandered around the city for a while and came across a temple. Amazed that wherever I went in Japan there is always something interesting, I took a walk around the temple grounds. So I got a good haircut and good pictures of a temple on the same day.

My great hairstylist friend Mao Mao


  1. what’s the hair shop called?
    Nice cut. How much are haircuts in jpn?

    Comment by けん — 8/1/2004 @ 11:18 am
  2. I dont remember what it was called. Like everything else in Tokyo haircuts are expensive… but I got a discount since I knew the person.

    Comment by Andy — 8/1/2004 @ 11:16 pm

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