- - - 4/15/2017 - - -

Watane Ichi #11

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Watane Market #11, again Suzuna set up shop and sold her herbal teas and handmade soaps. It was a nice and sunny day but also very windy so a lot of the sellers packed inside to set up shop. As always there was good food and music and other performances. Melina enjoyed herself as well and spent the entire time running around and playing with various things. One of her favorites was fishing colorful balls and toys out of a big vat of water. Unfortunately we missed #10, but are looking forward to going to #12.

- - - 4/16/2016 - - -

Watane Ichi #9

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It was time for Watane Ichi #9. This time the weather was wonderful, and there were lots of people and kids walking around and enjoying the day. Suzuna set up her shop again and sold her handmade soaps, creams, and herbal teas.

- - - 10/12/2015 - - -

Watane Ichi #8

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The 8th Watane Ichi and Suzuna decided to set up shop again. Melina had lots of fun pulling grass, playing with bugs, and helping to attract customers.

Suzuna’s homemade bath salts, cream, and soaps:

Other shops:

Melina had lots of fun

- - - 4/12/2015 - - -

Watane Ichi #6

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I took my family out the the spring Watane Ichi. I was good to see some familiar faces and friends again, as well as just get out and enjoy the day.

- - - 4/19/2014 - - -

Watane Ichi #5

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It is spring and time for another Watane Ichi. This time Suzuna also set up her own shop and sold her handmade soaps, bath salts, and herb teas. There didnt seem to be as many customers this time so business was not great, but we still had a good time eating lots of foods, and enjoying the performances.

- - - 10/19/2013 - - -

Watane Ichi #4

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Although I missed the third one the forth Watane Ichi was just as fun as the first two. This time I went with a few other members of my house. I made yet another hemp accessory and also enjoyed an Ayurveda massage.

- - - 10/13/2012 - - -

Watane Ichi #2

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The second Watane Market was very similar to the first one with many of the same booths and workshops yet still just as interesting. This time I brought along my girlfriend… We made our own plates, ate the delicious foods, did some yoga, and also made another hemp bracelet.

My friend and artist.

leather workshop

some of the good foods

designing our plates

getting ready for yoga

- - - 4/15/2012 - - -

Watane Market

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One of my friends invited me to a very small outdoor festival/market. With an emphasis on natural food and items and almost a hippie atmosphere, there were various bands, foods, and booths where you could try making some items with your own hands. I spent the entire afternoon carving my own spoon, making my own hemp bracelet, eating some good foods, and listening to different varieties of music.

Someone was also playing the didgeridoo

My handmade spoon before and after shots.

Delicious lunch set

Making your own threads

My hemp bracelet.