- - - 11/16/2004 - - -

Shinjuku Southern Lights

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Last weekend was pretty relaxing.
On Sunday I went with a friend to the batting center I found before. It was further than I remember by bike, but my friend didn’t mind. Aftwards, we biked in the wrong direction from home to go to a really good ramen shop, and it was really good. We then played catch ball in the park and when we couldn’t see anymore biked back home.
Monday, I spent in Shinjuku. I had another language exchange lesson with my friend. They are always lots of fun. After we talked for hours, we walked around Southern Shinjuku. Every year at this time it has lots of lights and decorations set up for the holidays. It light and weather at the time were both beautiful. We ate Thai noodles at a crowded Thai restaraunt for dinner. Here are a few pictures of the lights…

My friend..