- - - 7/3/2005 - - -

Emily’s visit to Tokyo

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There has been no posting for a week because my sister came to Tokyo to visit last week and I have been very busy. My sister and her friend (Emily and Erika) had been in Japan for 2 weeks already, and it was time for them to visit me and Tokyo. I met them on Sunday after work in Shinjuku and we went for a walk around Shinjuku to see the nightlife. As the girls weren’t feeling too hungry we went back to my place where we made a nice vegetarian meal. My sister is a vegetarian so we couldn’t go to any restaurants with meat, which is like 100% of the ones I know. On Monday we got up, and after a breakfast of non-meat onigiri, first went to Akihabara to see the famous Tokyo electronics district. After that we went to Asakusa where we took a long walk along the food ware street before hading over to Sensoji temple and the Nakamise shopping street. For lunch we meet some friends of mine who took us out to eat ‘monjayaki’. It was also my first time to eat monjayaki and it was very interesting. Afterwards we went shopping at Nakamise street and went to Sensoji temple. We took the waterbus down to Tokyo and since no one could think of anything they wanted to do we went to Shinjuku for some entertainment. On Tuesday we got up really early to go see Tsukiji fish market. It is always great to see all the different kinds of fish and experience the busy and dangerous atmosphere of the fish market. We of course had sushi as well. After the fish market we walked a while to see the Ginza area including the Sony building. At Hibiya Park we had a nice rest and then went to the imperial palace. For lunch we met another one of my friends that works in a macrobiotic restaurant. The macrobiotic place was completely vegetarian and was perfect for my sister. The food was surprisingly great as well, especially regarding the fact that there was no meat. Next to the building where my friend works is the imperial gardens, so we had an after lunch walk through it. It was also great that it was free day at the gardens as well. Being tired from getting up really early and having to walk all day we decided to go to the Japan Modern Art Museum for a relaxing time and air conditioning. I then took them to Yasukuni Shrine followed by the Shinjuku government buildings for a nice free view of Tokyo. We went to a place in Shinjuku called ‘vegetable…’, well I forgot the name but it had vegetable in the title so we thought it would be a good place for my sister. It was pretty expensive, but it had lots of really good vegetable dishes. On Wednesday, I was off back to work and my sister and her friend were off to explore more of Tokyo. Although it would not be the last I would see of my sister before she left Japan. I realized I did not take many pictures of when my sister was here, but here are a few that I do have.