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Koganei Awaodori 2005

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Saturday the 23rd I had a choice, I could either go to the Chofu Fireworks or the Koganei Awaodori. The original plan was to go to the fireworks, yet an unfortunate event happened after I left work. Tokyo had a fairly large earthquake. The unfortunate part was that I was on the train at the time so I did not get to experience it. Immediately after the earthquake hit the train stopped also unfortunately between stations, so I was stuck on the train for at least 40 minutes. Some of my friends were also affected by the event so we decided to go to the awaodori instead as it is in the same city and no transportation was needed. I went to the awaodori last year as well and was surprised at how different it was this year, yet also the same. I also had a chance to wear the green jinbei I bought at the plum festival for cheap.

There was the same awsome dancing as last year.

I love the sound of the drums…

Yuki in her yukata