- - - 5/9/2007 - - -

Tonan Botanical Gardens

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Like the past two years, this year for golden week I had to visit a botanical gardens. Like previously as well, I took a long bike ride to get there. But unlike previous years and since this is Okinawa, the gardens had much more tropical flowers and plants.

Only for Golden Week the gardens lets people go fishing in the pond. I saw lots of kids fishing and it looked fun, and of course there is no way I was going to pass this opportunity up. The was really only 1 kind of fish in the pond called ‘terepia’, which reminded me a lot of perch, but if you got lucky you could also pull in a nice big carp. With the one piece of bread they gave me as bait I pulled in 9 terepias and 1 carp. All the little kids around me were amazed that I got so many fish, and wondered why I was so good at fishing. I also took it upon myself to help the people around me get fish off hooks and so on. To bad its only one week a year, but I also realize that I am surronded by the ocean with lots of fish in it as well.