- - - 5/29/2008 - - -

School Lunch

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One of the good things about working at an elementary school is that I get to eat the school lunch. Unlike the States, at Japanese elementary schools everyone, even the teachers, eat the school lunches… there is no choice. Besides the milk everyday, that I cant drink because of stupid lactose intolerance, I really enjoy the food. It is mostly Japanese style, well nutritionally balanced, and different everyday. However, today was a very special menu - something that I really want expecting. The special food was ‘whale’. At the top of the picture, fried in sesame seeds, it was tough and a bit chewy. Although I have eaten whale before just to try it, I am still an American and dont feel that it really is something that should be considered food. It seems that Japan is the only country left in the world that eats whale, and tries to keep the tradition of eating whale alive by feeding it to their children in elementary school.