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Kitadake - day 3

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Day 3. We woke up very early, way before the sun stared to rise to see that the rain and clouds have disappeared. The stars and the milky way were extremely clear and beautiful. We ate a big breakfast and set off to summit the mountain before the sunrise. Our goal for the day was to not only climb Kitadake, but also to make it to the top of Ainodake, the next mountain along the ridge and Japan’s 4th tallest mountain.

We made it to the top and eagerly awaited the sunrise…

The three of us at the very top of Kitadake.

3193 meters and one of the greatest views I have ever had.

The next task - climb along the ridge to Ainodake. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more up down climbing and a lot more time to get there.

Along the way, Japan’s 4 tallest mountains can be seen:

1) Mt Fuji. Also in the picture is a very rare mountain bird called the "Raicho”.

2) Kitadake. Eating lunch with the mountain in the background.

3) A bit far but it really sticks out. Yarigatake

4) Ainodake. We finally made it to the summit.

3189 meters, and another spectacular view.

Now time was running out and we had to start heading down. Probably the most painful thing my legs have experienced in a very long time.