- - - 9/24/2011 - - -

Karamatsu and Goryu

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My friend Tatsuya and I went on our yearly mountain backpacking trip. The mountains we climbed this time were Mt. Karamatsu(2696m) and Mt. Goryu(2814m) in the northern Japanese alps. Overall, we had really nice weather on our three day trip except for some snow on our first night. We first climbed Karamatsu and made our way across the ridge to Goryu, one of the top 100 mountains in Japan. Both of the sunrises were spectacular and the night sky amazing.

The three of us at the start. Tatsuya, his wife, and me.

Looking out at Mt. Shirouma

Keeping warm in our sleeping bags. It was snowing outside, which was extremely rare for this time of year still.

The morning sunrise.

Atop Mt. Karamatsu

Pointing to Mt. Yarigatake. My goal for next year.

Atop Mt. Goryu

Another morning, another sunrise.

Heading down.