- - - 7/3/2004 - - -

Big World

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It has almost been two months since moving to Japan. I really like it here so far. The food is good and the people are great, especially the people that live in the same guest house that I have been living in. A guest house is very similar to a college dorm. You get your own room but the bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared. Since I lived in a college dorm for 4 years it is no problem for me, and in Tokyo it is one of the cheaper ways of living. The guest house that I live in, Big World 21, is supposedly one of the more famous guest houses in Tokyo because it has people from a wide range of countries. There are a lot of Japanese people here, which is great for me trying to study Japanese, but there are also people from many other countries like England, Australia, France, Sri Lanka, Korea, Canada, and other Americans.