- - - 7/8/2004 - - -

Japanese Summer

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Sorry about the lack of updates. The current heat and humidity make everyone, even Japanese people, very lethargic and tired. There is a thermometer in my room and I returned one evening to see that it read 98°F which is practically body temperature. Add that to 80% humidity and you can realize what life is like here recently. Air-conditioning is a necessity, sleep is difficult, and cold showers 3 times a day is common. Did I mention that I live on the top(3rd) floor of my building? Heat seems to rise and accumulate up here making the inside temperature hotter than the outside. Also, Unlike Los Angeles where the nights are much cooler than the day, the Japanese nights seem to be just as hot and humid as in the daytime. Lastly, I have been told by many of my students that the heat and humidity will just get worse as the summer continues with August being almost unlivable. Knowing that, I will be sure not to be here during August as I get a summer holiday. I was told that Hokkaido is very nice in the summer… Maybe I will make that trip to Russia… Isn’t it winter in Australia during August?