- - - 2/26/2006 - - -

Josh’s Japan visit Day 1

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My friend Josh, whom I first came to Japan with 3 years ago, came back to visit this wonderful country once again. He decided to travel and see an insane amount of Japan while he was here. So even before he came to visit me in Tokyo he took a train all the way up to Hokkaido to see the Snow Festival, and after Tokyo took a train all the way down to Kyushu. While he was in Tokyo we had 3 days to find things to do that we maybe didn’t do last time we visited, which was hard to think of so we concentrated on eating unusual Japanese foods instead.

Day 1 – Blowfish (Fugu)

As there was a small festival going on we headed down to Yokohama. We checked out China Town, the festival, a street performer, and other parts as well. The street performer was really interesting and a great entertainer so we sat and watched his entire show. Then back to Tokyo and Shinjuku for Blowfish! The restaurant I wanted to go to was pretty famous and we had to put our name on a list, but it was a great opportunity to walk around Kabukicho while we were waiting. Blowfish, by the way, is the fish with the incredibly extremely toxic poison in it, and among one of the most expensive in Japan. At the restaurant we got the blowfish course menu, which is blowfish served to us in many many courses and in different ways. The price was also quite expensive but well worth the experience.