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Josh’s Japan visit Day 3

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Day 3 – Whale!

On day three we went out to Asakusa. While we were there we met up with some of Josh’s friends who where also visiting Japan at the same time, and we all went out for another famous Japanese food, ‘Monjyayaki’. We then went to Shinjuku for some shopping and a great night view of the city from one of my favorite places, the Tokyo Government buildings. This night was really special for me too as we went out to eat a food that I have never tried either. We ate whale. Again, we got the expensive course menu, but we got to eat many kinds and many parts of the whale. Whale is actually not very tasty but the experience alone was well worth it. When we were leaving the whale shop an unknown woman ran up to us with her music player and, since we were foreigners, asked us to identify the English song that was playing. Unable to do, so we all went out for Karaoke and good times.