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Josh’s Japan visit Day 2

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Day 2 – Horse and Raw Chicken

Day two we went back to familiar places to see them again. Being a Sunday we had to go to Harajuku to check out the gothic people again. We also went to Mejijingu shrine as well and saw what seemed to be a Japanese story performance with a dragon thing. After a walk though Ometesando it was off to Akihabara. Once we got there we searched around for one of the famous Maid Cafes. Unfortunately they are all very popular and crowded, so we just did some shopping instead. We also went to the biggest electronics store in the world. In the evening, we decided that although we gave up on the Maid Cafes we were not going to give up on the Maid Massage place. It was a great chance practice Japanese speaking. At the massage place we met a Japanese guy who was actually a writer for a magazine, anyway we asked him to join us for dinner. We went to an ‘izakaya’ and our new friend introduced us to many a interesting Japanese foods and customs. Including the eating of raw horse and even raw chicken.