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Meeting people

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1) When I first arrived at Shinjuku station, which is where I will work, I needed to make a phone call to the ECC coordinator. Unfortunately I had no coins so I went to the closest vending machine, which is not far considering I was in Japan and there are vending machines everywhere! While there I saw another person who was obviously not Japanese getting something to drink. I too obviously do not look Japanese, so he got a drink and then gave me a quick greeting… in English. I could not pass up the opportunity to talk to someone, so I asked him why he was in Japan. I soon learned that his name was Jordan and that he is part of the International Students Institute, and has been to Japan before. Anyway, I told him that I was going to teach English and I was just going to get some change to make a phone call. At that point, he pulled out a Japanese phone card and gave it to me. He then took me to a phone and showed me how to use it. This guy I just met was being very nice to me and giving me a phone card and helping me out so much. It amazes me how nice people are in Japan even though they may not be Japanese. Thank you Jordan!

2) A coincidence? When I was checking into the guest house where I was going to stay, I noticed someone very familiar also checking in a table away… After staring at the guy for a while I realized that it was Matt. Let me explain a little who Matt is. He also went to Cal Poly Pomona and, in fact, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t even have my job. I talked to him at an alumni bbq for one of the clubs we were in at college last year, and he told me all about ECC and the job and the fact that they were hiring. He sent me email on how to apply afterwards, and that was the last I ever talked to him.. until yesterday when we met. It is nice to already know one person when I am here and trying to adjust to the Japanese lifestyle. So, thank you Matt.

Engrish #1

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This water be good to drinkHere is the first of many grammer mistakes I am bound to find here.