- - - 5/9/2004 - - -


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I have not been eating a lot over here at all, yet I do not seem hungry. So far, I have been living off of onigiri (おにぎり), which I good hooked on last year and Yoshinoya. Also, I have been watching a lot of Japanese TV. I am really wondering… How can a society that is obsessed with food on average not be overweight like most Americans?

I made it…

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Me with who...?
Well, first of all I made it safely to Japan (for those who care). I will soon post a lot more information, some interesting stories and some good pictures soon, but first a little quiz. Who knows who is in this picture with me… take a quess and win the respect of all.

It seems not many people know who this guy is. My brother seemed to know… he is Mick Foley aka Mankind. He was a WWF wrestler back when my friend good me hooked on watching it in high school. I noticed him when I was waiting to check in. How many people can look very decrepit and still check in through the first class line? I asked him for a picture when I got off the aiplane. He seems to be a very nice guy.