- - - 5/11/2004 - - -


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Here are some of the random pictures I have taken in Shinjuku.

One of the many giagantic monitors on buildings in Shinjuku

I took this picture around Takashiyama Square in the rain at night.

ShinJuku has massive displays of neon light at night. This is just a little bit of what can be found here.

Some more neon lights

I think there are trying to sell something, but I am not sure why they are using a character that uses many of the Japanese sterotypes. Any comments on this one?

And I also found a Pfizer building here

ECC Office

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I began training for ECC on Monday in Shinkuku. Like a smart person would, I took some of Sunday and went into Shinjuku to try to find where everything is. Shinjuku is a very complicated city with a very complicated train station. I did eventually find the ECC office.