- - - 5/30/2004 - - -


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I played basketball this evening in Hachioji with a club I signed up for. The club is great. The people are really nice and helpful. The club also has people from many different countries including, Malaysia, China, France, Canada, Australia, and others from the US. There might be more but those are only the people I met today. Today was special as well because there a was a TV crew filming us and when they left they gave us tons of free drinks and ice cream.
Yes, I was still slightly sick but my super immune system almost has whatever I have beaten. Unlike some of my friends who have been sick for over a week now.

Secondly, today was hot! The temperature was over 90° F / 33° C which, coming from California, I am very used to, but the humidity was over 80%. It’s horrible when your sweat refuses to evaporate. It’s like constantly being in a sauna. In the evening when I played basketball it was slightly cooler, but the humidity was still high. Thank god (in a non-religious way) for that free ice cream.