- - - 5/24/2004 - - -

First Day

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I had my first day of actual teaching today. To be honest, it was quite fun. I am going to get paid lots of money just by simply talking to Japanese people all day. This is a great job. Not to mention that ECC gives me a lot of days off too. They are even giving me an expense paid business trip up north to Utsunomiya.
On a side note, I start taking a Japanese class tomorrow. So, while I am here I get to eat lots of Japanese food, learn Japanese (the classes are free of charge), play basketball (I signed up for a local basketball club), and get paid solely for talking to Japanese people.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Shalom Church

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Just found this interesting…

Path to Work

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Here is a short video looking at the little path I take to get to the train station.

Download here - ~1.8MB

Much Buying

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